Hello there! Welcome to ayeMail!

We’re still under construction here, but feel free to wander around and read our draft pages. Nothing is set in stone yet as we’re still working through the details. But we believe in transparency, so we don’t mind you seeing the web site before it’s all-singing, all-dancing like.

There’s so much to do. We’ve already ordered our first badge machine (paid for by our first backer!) and it arrives this week, so that will kick start a lot of printing, die-cutting and lamination for our first batch. We need to re-arrange our offices and storage bays to accommodate production, and there’s artwork for stickers, labels, backing cards and letterheads to produce. And, of course, finalising the web site for launch which will be in about a week’s time.

If you’re interested in getting a quote, or want to submit a design (templates coming soon!) just drop us an email to orders[at]ayemail.scot.

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