Fully Funded

Fully Funded!

We’re still pinching ourselves.

After a night almost as exciting as the one nearly a year ago, we’re running on caffeine, too little sleep, and sugary drinks here.  But writing this post can’t be put off – nor should it, and it’s a genuine pleasure to write.

As of this 11:05am, ayeMail’s inaugural crowdfunder stands at £4,803 having smashed our target of £3,500 a week ago. As you can see from our post last month, we really weren’t sure whether people would support us. But support us they did – in droves.

We originally asked for some badge-making gear and a few quid to help pay the bills for five months while we help other pro-indy groups with their fundraising logistics. The response has been so overwhelming that we’ve had to up our game considerably. So let me give you a wee update on where we are.

In a fundraiser update last week I said one of the things we’d really like was a digital die-cutter. Thanks to private offline donations, we’ve got this – it arrives next week 🙂

The next item we wanted to be able to manufacture for campaigners was tea/coffee mugs. Thanks to your generosity, the equipment for that starts arriving tomorrow. We’ll take a few days getting it set up and perfecting the output, but we hope to put our first Affiliate mugs on the online store next week. As with the badges, we’ll also offer them in bulk at production cost rates to pro-indy campaigners and organisations.

And then there’s the t-shirts. This was a BIG ask. The equipment for t-shirt printing is expensive. But when I tweeted the suggestion late last night the response was explosive; dozens of whopping big donations came in attached to messages of “Yes, please!”. Within an hour we were pushed well over what was needed for the most basic kit. As a result, we’re taking a good long look at our options to ensure we get the right gear, but we will aim to have Affiliate t-shirts in the online store within 2 weeks, and again, a bulk offering for pro-indy campaigners.

So in terms of the equipment funding and what we will be able to manufacture in-house, all of our dreams have been realised. We’re just gobsmacked by the support we’ve been given for this. Huge, huge thank yous!



  1. GREAT news you met your target and some! Happy to hear that! Do you have a ‘donate’button for ‘topping up’ purposes? Not everyone can donate within a specific fund deadline.. Thanks for providing such an amazing service to further Indy prospects! It’s’s people such as yourself doing all you can to facilitate it, that keeps me positive that Indy IS going to happen! More power to your badge machine! 😉

  2. Howdy would you mind sharing which blog platform you’re working aadedkcggeefcdcg

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