About Us

Our mission

ayeMail.scot is a not-for-profit committed to help pro-indy organisations and individuals with their crowdfunding and merchandise delivery. Our mission is to help campaigners focus on what they do best; campaign. We take care of the perks and merchandise delivery so that these wonderful, talented people can focus on writing, blogging, filming, singing, baking, tweeting, public speaking…. the whole ecosystem of what made the Yes campaign the most dynamic, creative, positive and vibrant political movement in Scottish history.

In short, we take care of the logistics, and let you get on with being wonderfully creative.

Not for profit?

We need to make a “profit” in the sense of covering costs and paying the bills, but we’re not in this for the money – everything we produce is at cost based on the materials, services and time involved to produce them. We are fortunate enough – after years of working for other people – to be in a position where we are largely self-sustaining, so we can afford to do this purely for the love of it. And we do love every second of it.

How is this possible?

ayeMail.scot is very much a family concern. We draw upon over 80 years of combined experience in publishing, design, print, direct mail order, and digital technologies. We already have the skills honed over lifetimes, and the professional technology and tools needed to provide enterprise-level quality and service. Because we already have that investment, you don’t have to make it yourself.

The core concept for ayeMail.scot is to deploy those skills and technology at a below-market rate. So instead of paying a for-profit company to produce, for example, your badge perks, we can do it at the same quality but for a substantially lower unit cost. The same is true for printed materials such as flyers, leaflets, backing cards, stickers, and even paperback and hardback books. We’ve already done some of those that you may have heard of.

We’re basically only asking for a minimum wage in return for professional services which would normally cost you many times more. You might think of us as being almost full-time volunteers.

We also achieve cost savings through aggregating multiple project materials into bulk orders. For example, instead of buying 200 envelopes for a single project, we might buy 10,000 and use those across a dozen or more projects, delivering the lower unit cost to every client.

One of the biggest cost savings comes from using franking for 1st and 2nd class post. Franking is substantially cheaper than regular stamps, but because of the machine rental and maintenance costs, it’s out of reach for most crowdfunded operations. Again, by aggregating these projects together, we can realise huge cost savings that are passed directly onto each client.

Is this sustainable?

In terms of giving up one’s career and semi-volunteering over 5+ years, no, not really. But our goal is to help others achieve the momentum required to bring about another independence referendum within that time frame, so as long as we can keep food in the cupboards and the lights on, we’re prepared to give those 5 years to Scotland so she can gain her independence.

Proven capability

We’ve already been doing this for a while. For the past three years we’ve been taking care of Wings Over Scotland’s fundraising perk delivery, as well as enabling special projects like the Wee Blue Book. In the past year alone, we shipped over 1,000 pieces of mail for Wings, each expertly packaged and delivered. When Stu had to do this himself it could take months to deliver. We reduced that to just a few weeks, delivering a higher quality product, and for less money. For more details, see our Costs page.

Politically agnostic (mostly)

Full disclosure; our family are pretty much SNP. But we recognise that Scotland is much more than one party’s view of it. So we will move heaven and earth for you, without fear or favour, solely on the basis that you promote Scotland and believe in its ability to be a fully independent country. We will work with any party or individual that furthers that vision, whether they are SNP, Green, RISE, SSP, or Solidarity. We’ll even work with Labour and Lib Dem groups – providing they support independence.

But we won’t work with the Tories or UKIP. Ever. Sorry chaps, but you just don’t have Scotland’s interests at heart, and that’s been clear for a long, long time.

Working with other groups

We’re like to think of ourselves as progressive, so we’ll work with anybody who has a progressive message, whether they are an environmental or social pressure group, and regardless of location. So if Dr. Brian May phones up asking for help with an English anti-fox hunting campaign, we’ll be all over it. If Positive Money want some help with their fundraising delivery, we’d be delighted to help. Generally we shy away from religious groups, unless it’s for a really good cause, like foodbanks.

The Taxpayers Alliance and other astroturf groups can look elsewhere.

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