Badge Mania

People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware.” – Alan Kay


Badges are one of the most popular fundraising perks and campaigning tools. Virtually everybody running a crowdfunder in Scottish politics offers badges as a perk. They are relatively inexpensive, easy to post, and appeal to collectors as well as supporters.

We like badges so much that we decided to make them ourselves, and make some improvements to both the product quality and the purchasing model! So in line with Alan Kay’s philosophy, as we’re really serious about the message, we decided to make the delivery hardware too.


All of our badges are hand-made to exacting standards. When you submit your artwork, we’ll optimise it for print, colour-correct it, and then print it on a high-quality digital printer onto 100% recycled paper stock. This is then die-cut into individual blanks ready to be pressed into steel button backs with a scratch-resistant mylar film. The results speak for themselves – in our online Store you’ll see high-resolution macro lens photos of our badges so that you can see the print quality before buying. Rich, deep blacks, accurate vibrant colours, and laser-sharp text.


We meticulously check each badge to make sure the backing pin is aligned so that the design on the face is correctly orientated. No more Wonky Badge Syndrome 🙂

One Unit Cost

Most badge manufacturers use a pricing model that lowers the unit cost per badge with greater order numbers. But this penalises buyers placing smaller orders, sometimes by as much as double the unit cost, and they end up paying significantly more than customers with larger orders. We buy our materials in bulk, so we only have one unit cost; the lowest. We pass this onto you directly, regardless of how many badges you buy.

As Many As You Need

Other manufacturers make you buy badges in set multiples, usually of 100, or in greater quantity steps of 500 or 1,000. Not us. We do ask for a minimum order of 100 (and maximum of 2,000 online), but otherwise you decide exactly how many you buy – all at our low One Unit Cost (see above). If you want, for example, 137 badges, then you can have exactly 137 badges.

Affiliate Badges

As well as supplying your promotional badges, we can also sell your designs through our site and give you 30% of the proceeds. The rest is taken by manufacturing costs, a modest Living Wage cost for our manufacturing time, and charges for the Payment Gateway partner (they take a whopping fee. Banks; can’t live with them, can’t go back to bartering!). Badges are delivered with a backing card branded with your logo and campaign message, individually sealed in a plastic bag for scratch and moisture protection, and sent out by First Class post.


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