Crowdfunding setup

Because we’ve got lots of experience with fundraising, we know how to entice donors with high value perks that don’t cost the Earth and ensure that you get to use the most of their donation.

We can help you setup your fundraising campaign by advising you on products, suppliers, and donation levels. We can also help you market your campaign with time-proven language, and promote it using social media.

We’re often surprised by the number of crowdfunding campaigns that simply ask for a lump sum without telling people exactly what they’re going to do with it. These campaigns almost always fail to reach their targets. Prospective donors want to know how their money will be used, so it’s important to give them as much detail as possible (but without fencing yourself in to unrealistic goals or unachievable targets). We can help you set a fundraising target and demonstrate how you are going to use the funds to best effect.

If this is your first fundraising campaign, we can also help you set up a website, and the social media accounts to help drive traffic to your core message.

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