Why ayeMail.scot?

Maximise your creative time

We can manage the whole perk delivery and merchandise operation for you, freeing you up to do what you do best; campaign.

Benefits of scale

We can source materials in bulk, reducing the per-item cost for production and packaging. And because of our volume, we get cheaper delivery rates.

Off-site storage

No more tripping over boxes of merchandise in your hallway or cluttering your bedroom. You can hand off all your stock to us for safe storage and dispatch. Your home is your own again!

Order what you need

We can produce many items, such as badges, to an exact count. No more ordering to the nearest 100 – we’ll produce exactly what’s needed for your fundraiser (plus some extras if you want them!). And because we use broadly similar packaging for most projects, we’ll only charge for the materials actually used. No more boxes of envelopes, rolls of bubblewrap or bales of cardboard boxes taking up your valuable space or revenues!

Quality branded packaging

Each item is given it’s own protective packing and presentation. Badges for example are mounted on a backing card – with your logo – and then sealed inside a clear bag to prevent scratching or moisture damaging it in transit. The presentation also reinforces the quality and value of your product, reinforcing your donor’s positive perception of your campaign, and maintaining that all-important donor retention for next year’s fundraiser!

Data cleaning

The spreadsheet of addresses you download from your crowdfunding partner site almost always has incomplete or incorrect data in it. This can result in lost or wrongly delivered parcels. Fixing this data manually is laborious and prone to error – but we’ve developed tools to automate that process, resulting in faster, more reliable delivery and fewer returned items.

Keeping your donors in the loop

We include a free* notification service to let your donors know via email when their perk or merchandise has been dispatched. For couriered items, this gives the individual advance notice so that they can be available when the courier arrives.

*Please note that our bulk email provider will charge for campaigns with over 1,000 recipients, so we may have to add a small fee for this service. It will be included in your Project Estimate, so you always know exactly what you’re paying for.

Eco-friendly and ethical

Wherever possible, we source our materials from FSA-approved paper suppliers and ethical companies. We also try to ensure that we source materials in Scotland, because that’s good for our economy, and less hydrocarbon fuel is used to transport them.

We’re not in it for the money

We’re a not-for-profit, so we won’t take a huge chunk of the funds you’ve worked hard to raise. Our goal is to make sure you get to use as much of that money for your campaigns as possible, and save time whilst doing it.

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